Easy Clocking EC-50 Proximity Time Clock

Easy Clocking EC-50 Proximity Time Clock

Main features

The Easy Clocking EC-50 is a proximity badge (RFID) card reader employee time and attendance time clock designed to suit any type of business.
The software is very user friendly meaning easy collection, tracking and management of your employees time. This time clock works similar to the "Tap and Go" function of your credit card and is hence the reason for its popular uptake. With FAST (approximately 0.5 second) "touch on, touch off" functionality, this clock is top choice for many industries uncertain with Fingerprint Technology. 
The EC-50 can be operated as a standalone time clock that does not require a computer specifically for the machine, or can be wired up to a network. The EC-50 has storage space capable of 100,000 transactions. The machine is produced with a standard internal battery to ensure memory protection should power fail.
Tracking employee time and attendance is fast and simple with the Easy Clocking EC50 proximity card time clock.  Each employee is provided with a unique RFID card.  To clock in or out, the employee passes the RFID card near the time clock, and the RFID reader records the time of entry or exit.  Data is downloaded from the clock to the administrator on a scheduled or periodic basis, automatically delivering accurate time and attendance records. The software has been designed for the Australian market by Easy Clocking utilising WDV version software. 
This is of most importance in such a system and is the reason why we constantly out-perform our competitors. 
Key Features:
  • With an automated time attendance system you pay your employees for the exact time they work
  • Good for up to 50 users. Purchase an expansion pack for up to 100 users.
  • With Real-Time you see who's clocked in and out the moment it happens
  • Wi-Fi available (via option) - no need to run cables
  • Built in RFID proximity card reader (125 Khz)
  • Ability to download clocking records using a USB flash memory stick
  • Designed to work in any corporate environment
  • Does not need a dedicated computer to operate, stores 100,000 transactions in its built-in memory
  • Touch sensing digital keypad
  • IP connectivity for LAN or WAN networks
  • Relay output for time signals - signals can be programmed to sound audible devices to annunciate shift times and meal breaks

Requires: PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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