Easy Clocking EC-500 Time Clock

Easy Clocking EC-500 Time Clock

Main features

The Easy Clocking EC-500 is a highly advanced fingerprint employee time and attendance time clock designed for all types of businesses, small medium and large.
The software provided is very easy to collect, track and manage your employees time. It comes with Australian version WDV Software designed for Australian businesses. This time clock will eliminate buddy punching where one employees clocks in or out in place of another. 
The EC-500 can be operated as a standalone time clock that does not require a computer specifically for the machine itself. The EC-500 has built-in memory capable of storing up to 100,000 transactions. The machine comes standard with an internal battery to ensure memory retention should power go out to the unit.
New technology has now placed this machine's fingerprint reader to be the most technically advanced available on the market yet. With the ability to not just read the surface of your skin, this unit reads beneath the surface of the skin, making it possible to use for those employees with stubby or worn fingers. This is the most cruicial function to these systems and is why this unit constantly out performs competitors.
Key Features:
  • Works in all climate conditions; cold, dry, humid and wet conditions
  • Eliminates buddy punching
  • Up to 50 staff. Expandable to 100 staff with expansion packs. 
  • Real-time information to see who is/has clocked in/out
  • Wi-Fi connectivity as optional
  • Payroll integration as optional
  • Remote software and setup and training as optional
  • Standard connectivity via CAT5 cables
  • RFID card reader
  • Can download information from the terminal to a USB stick and then to a computer if required
  • Touch screen 3.2" LCD with big and bright prompts
  • 3 prompts: 1. Home screen displaying time and date
  • 2. Verified clock-in punch with user name, ID, and time
  • 3. Unauthorised - User not verified try again
  • IP connectivity for LAN or WAN networks

Requires: PC running Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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