Seiko QR-395 Time Clock Option 2

Seiko QR-395 Time Clock Option 2

Main features

  1. Maximum Useage of up to 100 employees
  2. Highly intelligent time clock calculates payroll operations
  3. Large back-lit LCD display
  4. Useful of table top or wall mounting
  5. Automatic DLS adjustment
  6. Prints regular minutes (1/60) or (1/100) of a hour
  7. Prints in AM/PM or 24HR time
  8. Prints day of week or date
  9. Perpetual calendar until the year 2099
  10. 3 year lithium battery back-up
  11. Will print in/out as often as required for each employee per day 
  12. Automatic fixed lunch break deduction from daily totals
  13. No overprinting on employees time cards
  14. Calculates actual or rounded times
  15. Calculates the accumulated work hours/minutes for each day
  16. Selectable 3 pay periods: weekly/fortnightly/monthly 
  17. Suitable replacement for discontinued Seiko QR-350 and Seiko QR-375 Time Clocks
  18. Able to be programmed for use on QR-350 and QR-375 Time Cards

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