Seiko TP-20 Time Clock (Package Deal)

Seiko TP-20 Time Clock (Package Deal)

Main features

  • Can be used for both payroll and/or job costing
  • Uses payroll (P-10) or job costing (JC-10) time cards or your own document papers
  • Semi-automatic time and date stamp time clock
  • Maximum employee count: Unlimited
  • Prints in AM/PM or 24hr time format
  • 13 in-built messages including: PAID, FILED, SENT ETC
  • Perpetual calendar of year-on-year advancement
  • Password protection optional
  • Automatic day light savings adjustments
  • 31 possible print formats, some include:
  • JUL 25 8:32 (month, date, hour, minute)
  • 7 AUG06 7:30am (date, month, year, AM/PM)

The Seiko TP-20 has even more print styles! Call us on (03) 9317-0488 if you require a different print style.

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