Time Master TM-950 Time Clock Option 2

Time Master TM-950 Time Clock Option 2

Main features

  • Recommended useage: 100 employees
  • Barcoded time cards numbered from 000-199
  • Automatic delivery of time card within slot
  • Standard IN/OUT with 6 column printing
  • Bright backlight and digital LCD for viewing and setting easily
  • Convenient for table top or easy wall mounting
  • Accurate perpetual calendar, automatic adjustment at end of month and leap years
  • Built in lithium backup battery protects the clock and calendar programme data for 3 years
  • Automatic day light savings time adjustment
  • 2 colur print available in black and red
  • Selectable 2 pay periods; weekly or fortnightly
  • Optional: back-up full power reserve system for power failures to keep up useage

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