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The Fingertec Timeline 100 proximity time clock is user friendly and ideal for employee time and attedance monitoring.
The Timeline 100 provides proximity functionality along with password verification.
The Timeline 100 comes with the newly updated Fingertec TCMS V3 Software for accurate recording of employee time and attendance.
Transfer of data from the time clock to the PC can be done via Ethernet cable or USB.
Max of 1000 employees. 
This is a NON-WIFI Fingertec model. Refer to the Fingertec TA700W should Wi-Fi be required.
This unit can only integrate with MYOB payroll system desktop version only (non-cloud).
The TCMS V3 Software has a maximum of 6 clock punches per day - 3 IN and 3 OUT.
Employees can enrol via password or proximity card.

Free 30-day software trial upon request available.

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