About Us

Global Time Systems Pty Ltd is one of the oldest companies within this industry. We have highly experienced staff ready to note down your current concerns and enquiries to transform the way your workplace runs. Time management is an essential tool for all businesses. Do you know how much you are losing out on without a trusted, secure method of employee timekeeping? That little red book that you have on your desk – did Joe A really come in at 9:30 or was it more closer to 9:45? And did he really leave at 5:00 or was it more closer to 4:30? We hear these comments every day of the working week.

YES, we can help you solve all of these administrative anomalies! Why not give us a go today? Phone (03) 9317-0488 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team members and we guarantee to not disappoint.

These are our 5 key reasons as to why you should choose Global Time Systems Pty Ltd to manage your employee workforce timekeeping.

  • Established and trusted company servicing time management solutions to many thousands of client – small, medium, large, corporations, governments and anywhere in between
  • Exclusive AUTHORISED DISTRIBUTOR of Amano, Seiko, TimeMaster and Orbis products. 
  • Exprience matters! We know the employee time management industry. Don’t be fooled by others who want to only make a quick sale and leave you 1 year down the track when problems arise. With two or three decades of experience behind many staff, we are here for the long-haul! You can count on us to help you should problems arise
  • Dedicated service department as we understand you want to protect your investment and will always seek to help you do so in any way we can
  • Support an Australian company! Your help keeps our staff, suppliers, manufacturers and operators in Australia.

Global Time Systems Pty Ltd

“time is money… save both with us”

We ship to all states and territories in Australia, including: time clocks for Tasmania (TAS), time clocks for Victoria (VIC), time clocks for New South Wales (NSW), time clocks for Queensland (QLD), time clocks for Australian Capital Territory (ACT), time clocks for Northern Territory (NT), time clocks for South Australia (SA), time clocks for Western Australia (WA), time clocks for Hobart, time clocks for Melbourne, time clocks for Geelong, time clocks for Sydney, time clocks for Newcastle, time clocks for Central Coast, time clocks for Brisbane, time clocks for Gold Coast, time clocks for Sunshine Coast, time clocks for Cairns, time clocks for Townsville, time clocks for Rockhampton, time clocks for Darwin, time clocks for Alice Springs, time clocks for Adelaide and time clocks for Perth.