Time Card Rack for Small Cards 86x185mmTime Card Rack for Small Cards 86x185mm

25 Slot (86x185mm Time Card) Rack

$66.00 (inc GST)


25 Slot Plastic Card Rack

Colour: Dark Grey

Suits small time cards of dimensions 86mm x 185mm

Numbered stickers included (numbered from 1-25)

Product Dimensions: 102mm x 710mm x 55mm (WxHxD)

Re-Order Code: Small Card Rack

Suitable for the following time cards:

  • KP-210M Monthly Time Cards
  • MJR-8500 Time Cards
  • QR-350W Weekly Time Cards
  • QR-120W Weekly Time Cards
  • QR-120BW Fortnightly Time Cards
  • QR-375 Time Cards
  • QR-6560 Time Cards
  • TR-900 Weekly Time Cards
  • TR-895W Weekly Time Cards
  • TR-895BW Fortnightly Time Cards
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