ZKTeco EFace10 Face-ID Time Clock

$990.00$1,419.00 (inc GST)


The ZKTeco EFace10 Face-ID Time Clock is an excellent biometric Face-ID time clock for employee time and attendance. This time clock provides high level performance using advanced algorithms for reliability, precision and excellent Face-ID recognition. The ZKTeco EFace10 features the fastest commercial-based Face-ID matching algorithm by using a high-image quality optical Face-ID sensor. TCP/IP/Wi-Fi communication is standard which ensures data transmission between the terminal and PC is seamless.

The ZKTeco EFace10 has been designed for use in any sized business – small (express option), medium (standard option) and large (professional option). Invest in a new generation ZKTeco to provide a powerful time management solution for your business today.


  • Totally eliminates buddy punching
  • Capable of handling up to 200 employees
  • Suitable for a variety of businesses and industries
  • IP/Wi-Fi connectivity for LAN or WAN networks
  • Color TFT screen with GUI Interface
  • Pre-installed RFID proximity card reader
  • Built-in USB outlet for manual data transfer when internet is down
  • Relay output for time signalling control, programmable to output to a bell/siren
  • 12 month full manufacturer back-to-base warranty


  • Employee Options: (up to) 10, 50 or 200 employees
  • Windows based PC application requiring  Windows 7/8/10/11
  • Work rules programmable
  • Advanced time interpreter for overtime rules
  • Capable of rounding rules and tolerances
  • Integration with a nominated payroll software can be purchased as an optional extra (Advance Payroll, Arrow, Attache, CHiP, Employment Hero, MicroPay Meridian, MYOB, Payline, Pronto Xi, Quickbooks, Reckon, Visipay, WageEasy and Xero)
  • Capable of weekly or fortnightly pay
  • Prints employee reports in either a detailed or summarised form
  • Data can be exported to CSV, XLS, PDF and HTML
  • Remote software setup and training included in purchase
  • Job Costing application is available for purchase as an additional option when the professional software version is selected

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