QR-120W/QR-550W Cards

$115.50$176.00 (inc GST)


Weekly Payroll Bundy Time Card

Re-Order Codes: QR-120W also known as QR-550W

Use for weekly payroll on the following time clocks:

  • Seiko QR-120 time clocks
  • Seiko QR-350 time clocks
  • Seiko QR-550 time clocks
  • Simplex 300 time clocks
  • Simplex 500 time clocks
  • Kings Power KP-101 time clocks
  • Newtek TM-700 time clocks

Single sided time cards

1000 time cards per box

Country of Manufacture: Australia

QR-120W and QR-550W Time Cards for Time Clocks Australia